About The IceHouse Tonight

IceHouse Tonight Proposal
“But the Lehigh! Those were great boating days!  Almost everybody spent their evenings on the water, and music floated therefrom until midnight many times a week. We had carnivals on the river about once a fortnight. …..The residents were as one family.”
                                                                                                                                                          Charles Schwartz- Summer 1852
In November 2011, representatives of six regional arts organizations met to discuss the viability of creating a performance series at The Charles Brown IceHouse on Sand Island.   The series, tentatively named The IceHouse Tonight, is designed to feature the work of regional artists and arts organizations in an eclectic blend of performance genres including music, dance, theater and poetry.  Such a program would be the first formally scheduled series of its kind at the IceHouse.  
          The IceHouse Tonight, a response to a growing night-life scene in downtown Bethlehem, targets the potential college-age and the "restaurant row" audiences in the center city. As an offering for evening audiences, the mission-driven performance series is designed to mirror the charm, independence and sense of contemporary urban life represented by the current trends in downtown Bethlehem. As a parallel enterprise, The IceHouse Tonight will produce a performance schedules that projects a sense of youth and diversity by nurturing the production of new artistic works and the development of new regional arts organizations. Also in the spirit of current urban directions, The IceHouse Tonight will provide a stage for collaborative and innovative programming from well-established regional arts organizations such as those represented by the Eastern Pennsylvania Arts Alliance.  

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